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Quality, Work Health and Safety, Environment (QSE) Management System Support


To help you get on the right track from the start, we conduct a gap-analysis on your business and discuss risk strategies before you invest in Quality, Safety, Environmental management systems, training, audits, and inspections.

Management Systems

We provide you with the tools, the system, and the support to eliminate or minimise the risk of injury or illness to workers in your workplace and improve the quality of products and services.

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Safety Champion

We have partnered with Safety Champion as a cloud based and multi-platform safety management software. Be more successful with managing your business by using software that makes sense, easy to use, and takes the hard work out of managing risks with your business. Find Out More

Incident Investigations

We use industry-standard investigation methods, (ICAM, Taproot) to identify the root causes of incidents in your business.

Audits & Inspections

We help you proactively identify hazards in your workplace to minimise the risk of an incident occurring.

QSE Support

From compliance research to risk assessments, we offer as needed QSE support services to assist you with other QSE issues that may arise in your business

Project Management, Planning, Mentoring

Project Management

Sometimes you just have enough human resources at your fingertips to achieve critical projects. We offer project management services to help lighten the load of management teams. We have successfully assisted businesses on various projects, including software implementation, recruitment, policy and procedure development, creative and marketing projects.

Planning and Management Review Facilitation

We can assist with and facilitate planning/management review process of your business. It is important to periodically review your businesses processes and performance to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness while addressing the possible need for changes.


Being in business can be a lonely journey sometimes and you just need a sounding board and someone to bounce ideas around with. We can help provide clarity in your business and with your growth ideas.

About Us

Clear Logic Solutions was born out of the idea that rural businesses shouldn’t need to go to the city to find excellent professional services.

We deliver business solutions to rural and remote Queensland. We help business owners and organisations reach their full potential through a range of professional services.

Business owners and organisations from the bush can produce amazing results when you couple their resilience and innovation with a little bit of technology and ‘know-how’… and that’s what we love doing.

We are passionate about what we dowhere we live, and the people we work and live with, in our rural and remote communities.

Shane Sellars

Director & Principal Consultant
Growing up and working out in rural/remote QLD has given me so much opportunity. I enjoy giving back to the bush and helping to grow the skills of business owners where I grew up, live, and work.

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